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Everything you need for your marketing in one location

You can create SMS text and email marketing campaigns, manage reviews, view statistics, allow clients to schedule appointments and process credit card payments, and best of all Postie, your very own AI. With Postie you can easily create blogs, social posts, and content, just give Postie the title and it creates everything else for you. You could say we have everything rolled into one.

Whats included

SMS Text Marketing

Supercharge your communication strategy with the unstoppable power of SMS! With an astounding 95% open rate, SMS reigns as the unbeatable symbol of unwavering reliability. Don’t miss out on this ultimate communication solution that guarantees your messages are delivered loud and clear. Embrace the SMS revolution and elevate your business communication to new heights!

Whats included

Email Marketing

Unleash the potential of email marketing, the driving force behind successful communication strategies! With its incredible reach and engagement, email stands as the unrivaled champion of digital messaging. Experience the ultimate solution that ensures your messages are delivered directly to your audience’s inbox, capturing their attention with precision. Join the ranks of savvy businesses across industries and tap into the unlimited potential of email marketing.

Whats included


Reviews, the game-changer for building trust and credibility! With their influential impact and ability to shape perceptions, website reviews have become the go-to resource for consumers across industries. Experience the ultimate solution that amplifies your online reputation, ensuring potential customers hear the resounding voice of satisfied clients. Join the league of successful businesses leveraging the potential of website reviews and unlock a world of enhanced trust and credibility.

Whats included


Seamlessly streamline your appointment booking process and provide a hassle-free experience for your customers. With our robust system in place, you can effortlessly schedule and conduct calls or video calls, ensuring smooth and efficient communication every step of the way.

Whats included


With detailed insights into visitors, traffic sources, and engagement metrics, website statistics provide a comprehensive overview of your digital performance. Experience the ultimate solution that empowers you to make decisions, optimise your website’s performance, and maximise your online impact.

Whats included

Process Credit Cards

Embrace the convenience and security of processing credit cards from your clients directly through your website, revolutionising your payment collection process! With our advanced payment processing system, you can seamlessly accept credit card payments, ensuring a smooth and frictionless transaction experience for your customers

We’ve saved the best for last


Postie is your ultimate content creation friend! Empower your company’s online presence with the game-changing AI-powered tool that takes the hassle out of content creation. With Postie, all you need is a captivating title, and let the magic unfold. Sit back and watch as Postie generates engaging, high-quality content for your blogs, social media posts, and more. Say goodbye to writer’s block and time-consuming content creation processes. Experience the future of content creation with Postie and unleash your company’s creative potential today!

Free for 12-months with a TOV grant


If you have under ten employees you will qualify for the trading Online voucher scheme (TOV). You will get a website along with a free 12-month subscription to When the free 12-month period finishes, there is a €99 per month subscription charge for

Our bundle offer, host your website with us for only €17 per month and we will give you for only €9 per month. You do not have to sign-up to any contract, we just charge per month by direct debit.

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